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Why Medical Staffing Factoring is Necessary
"A sale is not a sale until you
 collect the money"



Are you a part -time banker for
your customers?Take a look at your accounts
receivable aging schedule and count the
number of accounts over 30 days.Congratulations,
you are extending credit to those customers.
You are not getting paid for delivering
your end of the deal in a timely manner
and as a result you are providing
the use of your money to your customer for free.

Not exactly the business you thought
you were getting into, is it?
Ask yourself this question:
If those customers of yours went
to a bank, borrowed the same amount of time,
would they expect to pay a substantial
amount of interest for the privilege?
Of course they would!

And consider this: Not only are
you receiving no interest on that money,
but most importantly,you are also losing the
use of that money while you
are waiting for your customer to pay you.
What is the cost of not having this
money available? In essence, your customers
are asking you to finance their business by
extending terms and allowing them
to pay in 30 days (and usually longer, right?).
But what is it costing you in
"missed opportunities" when your
money is tied up in your
accounts receivable?

We are a nationwide company offering

invoice factoring programs the others can't
because of our unique funding capabilities.
The others are restricted by their banks on
what kind of
factoring programs they can offer.
We are not restricted!

Our customers tell us that our combination
of low rates,flexible contracts and exceptional
service makes us the best choice for invoice
factoring services.

We have been providing
factoring services
nationwide for decades
and have clients in hundreds of industries. Including

factoring for Health Care Staffing, Tansportation,
Trucking, Manufacturing, Labor Staffing,
and much more.

Unlike other invoice factoring companies,
our program includes the
following features at no additional charge:

• 12-24 hour funding on approved invoices
• Highest advance rates in the industry
• Credit analysis on new and existing customers
• Continuous collection management and follow
up on  factored invoices
• Invoice and statement mailing (postage included)
• Account status inquiries anytime;
  24/7 online account access.
• We allow you to electronically submit Invoices
• Free credit checking on new customers at no
  additional cost

When you become our client you will

be served by our staff that has
an average
of 11 years
account receivable
industry experience per
account executive.  
(Well above the invoice factoring industry norm!)

You will have one dedicated person
 and his or her assistant who will handle
your account.  
Unlike the others, you don't have to
start over each time you call  with a new person

Our flexibility allows you to maintain control:
• You select accounts you prefer to factor on
   an invoice by invoice basis.
• You control total factoring costs by only
   factoring on an    "as needed" basis.

Up to 97%  
Invoice Factoring Advance Rates:

Advance rates are based on overall risk
associated with a particular industry
as well as experience and track record.
We hold reserve accounts to accommodate
industries which typically experience
dilution and that we would otherwise
not be able to service.
Advance rates range from
80% to 97% of the gross invoice amount.

Invoice Factoring Fee Structures:

Fees are determined based on
your industry, the credit worthiness
of your customers, how quickly
your invoices turn, and
monthly factoring volume.

Call our invoice factoring specialists at

1-888-239-9162 or

Email Us  or

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More Medical Staffing information

Medical Staffing factoring is ultimately an inexpensive form of equity financing. Consider what it
would cost you to bring in a partner to give you a cash infusion to grow your business: Salary,
benefits, car, health care and ultimately company stock and the future profits of your firm.
A Receivables outsourcing factoring company wants none of these. Staffing factoring companies
only want a fee to process your transactions, advanced funds and collection on your receivables.
As your sales increase, a staffing factoring company can grow with you. You won’t be limited
to a credit line limit as you would with a traditional lender; you won’t have loan covenants,
periodic loan reviews or monthly payments to make. As you grow your sales,
your receivables outsourcing factoring company grows with you.
Medical Staffing Factoring with us includes complete credit management services. We fully research
new clients and, equally important, routinely check the credit ratings of your existing customers. As a part
of the process you will also receive accounting, transactional details, aging reports and financial management
reports which can be incorporated into your own sales tracking, account history and in-depth analysis.

Freight factoring

account receivable factoring

Invoice factoring
Interesting Definitions and Relationships

staffing -- (personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task; "the hospital has an excellent nursing staff";

checkup, medical checkup, medical examination, medical exam, medical, health check -- (a thorough physical examination;
includes a variety of tests depending on  and health of the person)

       => examination, scrutiny -- (the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes))

    -> commercial enterprise, business enterprise, business -- (the activity of providing goods and services
involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects; "computers are now widely used in business")

staffing -- (provide with staff; "This position is not always staffed")

    -> provide, supply, ply, cater -- (provide what is desired or needed, especially support

       => staff ing-- (provide with staffing; "This position is not always staffed")

Medical staffing firm, house, business firm -- (the members of a business organization that owns
or operates one or more establishments; "he worked for a brokerage house")

       => staffing business, concern, business concern, business organization, business organisation
-- (a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it; "he bought his brother's business";
"a small mom-and-pop business"; "a racially integrated business concern")

account receivable factoring
accounts receivable financing
 agency -- (a business that serves other businesses)

       => business, concern, business concern, business organization, business organisation --
(a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it; "he bought his brother's business"; "a small mom-and-pop business"; "a racially integrated business concern")